Element Studios’ Call of Combat Real-Time Tactics War Game.


Element Studios is working on a new version of this game; unfortunately it appears they have taken down the existing version in the meantime.

Title: Call of Combat.

Developer: Element Studios.
Version: 1.12-alpha9
Birthdate: Unknown
Development Status: Full Release.
Requirements: Windows.
Rating: 10/10.
Site: http://www.callofcombat.com/
Description: A clone of the very popular (now defunct) Chain of Command by 2AM games. Game is multiplayer only. You command a squad of four soldiers during World    War II. You view them from a top-down view. There are from one to several other teammates on each team each with four men. There is a variety of equipment you can be given. You then duke it out on the field.

  • Real-Time.
  • 3D Maps.
  • Multiple Player.
Notes: The game has been taken down for the time being, but the site still exists. Apparently the team is working on version 2.0.


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