Historical Software Corporation’s Battle Command.


This game is no longer free, it is now $49! The page is being left up for legacy reasons.

Title: Battle Command.

Developer: Historical Software Corporation.
Version: 01FEB12.
Birthdate: Unknown
Development Status: Full Release.
Requirements: Windows.
Rating: 9/10.
Site: http://www.historicalsoftware.com/
Description: Written by Major Carl W. Schwamberger, USMCR, Battle Command is remiscient of the simulations that have been created in the past for professional training of our armed forces, and appears to be written for similar purposes. Unlike past simulators, this one is freely available. It includes a number of scenarios from both World War II and Modern Warfare along with powerful tools to assist in creating one’s own scenarios.

  • Single Player.
  • Real-Time.
  • 2D and 3D Maps.
  • Multiple Player.
  • Scenarios Include: Normandy Battles, Battle of the Bulge, Saint-Vith, Bastogne Prelude, and many more.


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