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AP on the dash is the new anti-armor (AP “Armor-Piercing”). So it works like this if the defender has an armor value above zero the armor minus AP is applied to the battle Modifier. If the attackers armor is above zero and the defenders armor is zero, then no armor modifier is applied. So if a tank of 5 anti-armor attacks an infantry unit with zero armor, then no modifiers apply, but if an infantry with zero armor but 5 anti-armor (AP) attacks a tank with 4 armor, then a +1 is applied to the modifier. You can see that close-up infantry with anti-armor (AP) have an advantage, but Tank on Tank is an anti-armor(AP) vs armor battle. An armor rating is not the same as an anti-armor(AP) rating, anti-armor (AP) is what you attack with but armor is your defense.

BattleMod is calculated like this:

  • BattleMod = (If defenders Arm > 0 Then
    • the defender + Arm – attackers AP is included in the BattleMod)
  • -attackrs ShakenMod
  • +defenders shakenMod
  • -defenders TEM
  • +1 if attackers Strength > or = x2 of defender
  • +2 if attackers strength > or = x3
  • -1 if defenders strength > or = x2
  • -2 if defenders strength > or = x3

The Battle Mod is complex, you have to think about it from one side only. For example, if your attacking a unit in a TEM zone the attack loses points. Another Example: A defender Shaken-2 is a positive plus 2 for the attacker, all mods are from the point of view of the attacker.

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