The goal here is to create a list of quality wargame companies.


    • Strategic Command (V1 and V2)
      • World War 1
      • Global Conflict
      • Pacific Theater
    • TacOps
    • Combat Mission
      • Final Blitzkrieg
      • Black Sea
      • Red Thunder
      • Fortress Italy
      • Battle for Normany
      • Afghanistan
      • Shock Force
      • Touch
  • Slitherine & Matrix Games – Needs their own page they have so many games.


  • Digital Gameworks
    • This company has gone by a number of different games – Incredible Simulations Inc. (ISI); Jeff Lapkoff Strategic Simulation Games; and perhaps another one or two I am forgetting. At the heart of each of these companies is Jeff Lapkoff, one of the great wargame developers.
    • Jeff’s games include Valkyrie Crisis in Berlin 1944, Che 1967, The Drift 1879, The Alamo!, Red Thunder, and Zulu War! I believe several of his games are rewrites/rebrandings of older games – namely:
      • Custer’s Last Command –> Desperate Glory – Last Stand at Little Big Horn
      • Medieval –> Vengeance

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