Total War Series of Wargames

There are few computer strategy war games as popular as Creative Assembly’s Total War Series. While wargaming, in the strategic/tactical sense has always been a niche of computer gaming, CA’s Total War series has brought wargaming to the masses. This page serves as an homage to this series and hopefully a way for those who have enjoyed Total War to learn more about the wider world of wargaming.

Games in the Total War Series

Games in the Total War series include:

  • Shogun: Total War (2000)
    • Shogun: Total War: Mongol Invasion
  • Medieval: Total War (2002)
    • Medieval: Total War: Viking Invasion
  • Rome: Total War (2004)
    • Rome: Total War: Alexander (2006) – Adds a campaign, 4 factions, 25+ units, six historical battles.
  • Medieval II: Total War (2006)
    • Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms (2007) – Adds four new campaigns: Britannia, Teutonic, Crusades, and New World. Also adds 10 units, 13 factions, 9 agents, 50 buildings, 60+ territories.
  • Empire: Total War (2009)
    • Total War: Empire: The Warpath Campaign (2009) – Adds 5 factions, a more detailed North American campaign map, elite units, 2 agent types, 18 tribal technologies.
  • Napoleon: Total War (2010)
    • Napoleon: Total War: The Peninsular Campaign (2010) – Adds an Iberian Peninsula campaign, Spain (as a playable country), 28 units, 2 agents, and political alignment system.
    • Coalition Battle Pack – Adds The Battle of Friedland and six units.
  • Total War: Shogun 2 (2011)
    • Total War: Shogun 2: Rise of the Samurai (2011) – Adds a campaign simulating the Gempei War, occurring 200 years before the original Shogun 2. Also adds 3 families, 6 clans, 16 land units, 4 hero units, 10 naval units, 3 naval special abilities, 4 agent types, and The Battle of Anegawa (1570) scenario.
  • Total War: Rome II (2013)
    • Total War: Rome II: Empire Divided (2017) – Adds a grand-scale campaign, heroic factions, events / dilemmas / missions, banditry, plagues, cults, general’s skills, narrative technologies, updated building chains, and additional units.
    • Total War: Rome II: Wrath of Sparta (2014) – Adds a campaign, simulates the Peloponnesian Wars. Includes 12 wonders, four playable factions, Panhellenic games and festivals, tech trees, Hellenic Tribalism, as well as army and naval units.
    • Total War: Rome II: Imperator Augustus (2014) – Adds a campaign.
    • Total War: Rome II: Hannibal at the Gates (2014) – Adds a new campaign, the Battle of Cannae and the Battle of Zama, 3 factions, and units.
    • Total War: Rome II: Caesar in Gaul (2013) – Adds a campaign, the Battle of Alesia, 3 playable factions, and units.
  • Total War: Attila (2015)
    • Total War: Attila: Age of Charlemagne (2015) – Adds a campaign, units, tech, buildings, events.
    • Total War: The Last Roman (2015) – Adds a campaign, expedition faction, units, tech, buildings.
  • Total War: Warhammer (2016)
  • Total War: Warhammer II (2017)

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