Togglegear’s Hexonia

Title: Hexonia: The Battle Tribes Developer: Togglegear Version: 1.0.7 Birthdate: November 11, 2018 Development Status: Full Release Requirements: Android / iOS Device Rating: 8/10 Price: Free / Paid Add-Ons Site: https://www.togglegear.com/ Description: A single player, turn-based strategy set in a fantasy muskets and gunpowder era. Tribes are at war with each other and must race …

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Jolly Pixels’ Pixel Soldiers: Gettysburg

Title: Pixel Soldiers: Gettysburg. Developer: Jolly Pixels Version: 1.2 Birthdate: May 6, 2016 Development Status: Full Release. Requirements: Android. Rating: 10/10. Price: $2.49. Site: http://www.jollypixel.com/ Description: The graphics are simple but the game is loads of fun. A single-player or two-player historical wargame simulating the battle of Gettysburg. One can play the entire campaign or individual battles – as either Union or …

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