WarTactical – A Turn Based Tactical War Game

This is a mini-site for WarTactical that will seek to provide a link to download the game, documentation, and other useful info. as available.

  • You can download the latest version of the game (7.07) from here.
  • You can view the Getting Started Guide here, this is the quickest way to get going with the game.
  • Read the BattleMod page for information on how combat results are calculated.
  • Read the BattleReports page for information on the reports that are available to you.
  • Learn Howto Build Your Own Modules for the game. 

Included Scenarios

  • RailStation (France, WWII)
  • A Simple Battle (WWII)
  • ACW Fort (Civil War)
  • ACW Skirmish (Civil War)
  • Railyard
  • A Towns Defense
  • Tanks Vs
  • Tank Blast
  • Clear Village
  • Space Invaders
  • LOS Demo
  • The Alamo
  • Town Square (WWII)
  • Invasion (WWII)
  • Leader (WWII)
  • Armor (France, WWII)
  • More Armor (France, WWII)
  • Battle Strike (WWII)
  • Leader2 (Poland, WWII)
  • Rorke’s Drift (Zulu War)
  • Bridge of Death (Modern)
  • Leader3 (France, WWII)
  • Hilltop of Doom (Civil War)
  • ACW Rebel Hill (Civil War)



WarTactical Rorke's Drift Screenshot

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