Tristan Pannerec’s Field of Strategy (Strategic and Tactical Turn-Based Wargame)

Title: Field of Strategy.

Developer: Tristan Pannerec.
Birthdate: 2003.
Last Updated: 2016.
Development Status: Full Release.
Requirements: Windows.
Rating: 9/10.
Description: A flexible engine which offers the ability to simulate both strategic and tactical scenarios/campaigns throughout history. Includes scenarios/campaign covering Ancients, 18th century, Napoleonic, World War I, World War II, and Modern.


  • Multiple Player.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Single Player.


Recently Added Features

  • – February 2016
    • New scenario “Lens” for the RenaissanceTactical and new units.
    • New scenario “Malplaquet” for the Wars17thTactical.
    • New campaign “Campaign 1812” for the NapoleonicTactical.
    • New module (IA_Player).
    • New campaign and units for IIndEmpireTactical.
  • 2.7.8 – August 2015
    • Added new campaign for AntiquityTactical, Wars17thTactical, NapoleonicTactical, IIndEmpireTactical.
    • Added new units to all of the above except Wars17thTactical.
    • Added a new scenario to MedievalTactical and to RenaissanceTactical.
  • 2.7.7 – January 2015
    • Added modified manual.
    • Added scenario for NapoleonicTactical, NapoleonicTacticalOL, IIndEmpireTactical.
    • Added new campaign for CivilWarTactical, IIndEmpireTactical, RenaissanceTactical, Wars18thTactical, WWI, WWII.

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