Togglegear’s Hexonia

Title: Hexonia: The Battle Tribes

Description: A single player, turn-based strategy set in a fantasy muskets and gunpowder era. Tribes are at war with each other and must race to build their empires and eliminate their competitors.


One of the most fun and addicting games I’ve played in quite some time. The graphics are lively and cartoonish; the game is quite fast-paced; the AI is intelligent and challenging; its just a lot of fun!

That said, one of its greatest strengths (its fun factor and fast pace) can easily consume tons of time. Keep an eye on the clock or you’ll find yourself having spent the entire day playing this one.

The game is built on some very simple rules which oftentimes indicates a dull game – but not in this case.

There are a few aspects I’d like to see enhanced:

  • The maps are auto-generated and there is a goal set for total number of turns it takes for one to win the game – but I don’t think the game calculates whether its auto-generated maps actually allow one to win in the specified number of turns.
  • There is no way to save multiple instances of the game. This means when you start over you have to start from the very beginning AND that if you accidentally end a turn, etc. there is no undo button or option to load an earlier version of the game.
  • The combat calculations don’t appear to include any randomness. If you attack x with y then x will lose z strength points – always.

There are paid add-ons within the game – but only a few and I did not realize there were such add-ons until I’d spent a few days with the game. It has tons of playability in the free only edition. The add-ons involve additional tribes you can play as or against. Several tribes are included for free, but additional tribes cost between $1.99 and $2.99 each.


  • Single Player
  • Turn-Based
  • Auto-Generated Maps
  • Multiple AI Intelligence Levels


You start with a single city and two combat units.
Here you configure the parameters for the game – how difficult the AI is and how many opponents you want in the game.

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