Screenshot of Battle in WinSPMBT

The Camo Workshop’s Steel Panther’s Main Battle Tank (winSPMBT)

Title: winSPMBT.

  • Developer: Gary Grigsby, Keith Brors, SSI, Andy Gailey, Don Goodbrand, Shrapnel Games, SP Camo.
  • Version: 13.0 (April 2nd, 2019)
  • Birthdate: 2001 Development Status: Full Release.
  • Requirements: Windows.
  • Rating: 8/10.
  • Site:
  • Description: Based on SSI’s Steel Panthers: Modern Battles (SP2), SPMBT stands for Steel Panthers: Main Battle Tank. It provides tactical level simulations of combined arms combat post World War II (1946) into the future (2020).
  • Review: A great game but the graphics have become quite dated. While they are continuously upgrading the icons they could probably use a few additional talented designers to really give the game a visual overhaul.


  • Single and multiplayer.
  • Simulates combat from 1946 to 2020.
  • 315+ scenarios.
  • 15+ campaigns.
  • 92 Nations Represented.
  • Custom OOBs.


Screenshot of Battle in WinSPMBT


Contains 415+ scenarios, a few of which are listed below:

  • Obong-Ni Ridge 8/50 – N. Korean vs. USMC.
  • Egyptian Armor — Six Day War 6/67 – Egypt vs. Israel.
  • Lam Son 719 2/71 – S. Vietnam vs. N. Vietnam.
  • Gulf ’91, G-4: Feint Attack 2/91 – U.S. vs. Iraq.


Includes a total of seventeen campaigns, listed below:

  • 5th Marines 1967 – Lead a Company in battle against the N. Vietnamese.
  • Thunder in the Sinai (1973) – Lead the Egyptians in the Yom Kippur War against Israel.
  • Balkan Wars (2008) – Greece versus Turkey in hypothetical scenario.
  • Silver Lions (1985) – Hypothetical war between NATO and the Warsaw Pact.
  • Caribbean Crisis! (1962) – A hypothetical scenario post the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. In this scenario, US troops invade Cuba.
  • 1st Cav Div: L-Z X-ray (1965) – Simulates the battle between US troops and the Vietcong that has been made into the motion picture We Were Soldiers.
  • B Company, 11th Marine Expeditionary Unity (2006) – Hypothetical scenario in which USMC troops are sent to assist the Philippine government in quelling rebels.
  • Dutch Terror (2007) – A hypothetical scenario in which Al-Qaeda takes control of a Dutch city and is counter-attacked by Dutch Special Forces.
  • 2 PARA at Falklands (1982) – Simulates the war between the United Kingdom and Argentina.
  • Mexican Drug War (2005) – Hypothetical scenario in which US National Guard troops from Texas and Arizona fight are requested to assist Mexico in war on drugs.
  • Heart of Africa (1963-1964) – Hypothetical scenario in which mercenary units hired by the Congolese government encounter Simba Rebels.
  • African Abattoir – Hypothetical scenario in which Rwanda invades Uganda.
  • Armed Intervention (1999) – Hypothetical scenario in which Canadian troops are sent to assist in peacekeeping in Ecuador.
  • Race for Tehran (2009) – A hypothetical scenario in which the US invades Iran.
  • River Force Epsilon – Hypothetical scenario during Vietnam War in the Mekong Delta.
  • Betraying the Bear (1985) – Hypothetical scenario in which the Warsaw Pact attacks NATO. Player acts as Polish.
  • Desert Storm (1991) – Simulation of combat in Desert Storm with Iraq.
  • CENTAG 78 Revisited (1978) – Hypothetical scenario in which combat occurs in West Germany between the US/Germans and the Soviets.

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