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Command Ops Screenshot

Panther Games and Lock N Load’s Command Ops 2.

Title: Command Ops 2. Developer: Panther Games, Lock ‘N Load Publishing.Version: 5.0.9Birthdate: UnknownDevelopment Status: Full Release.Requirements: Windows.Rating: 10/10.Site: http://www.lnlpublishing.com/Description: A continuous time simulation of World War II combat on an operational level. It includes three free scenarios and additional premium scenario...

Historical Software Corporation’s Battle Command.

Note: This game is no longer free, it is now $49! The page is being left up for legacy reasons. Title: Battle Command. Developer: Historical Software Corporation. Version: 01FEB12. Birthdate: Unknown Development Status: Full Release. Requirements: Windows. Rating: 9/10. Site: http://www.historicalsoftware.com/...

Samu Games’ Artifact Real Time Strategy Game.

Title: Artifact. Developer: Samu Games. Version: Birthdate: 1999. Development Status: Full Release. Requirements: Windows. Rating: 7/10. Site: http://www.samugames.com/artifact/ Description: Multiplayer, fantasy empire building. Features: Multi Player. Real-Time Engine. Screenshots:

Juha Kellokoski’s Armored Brigade – Tactical Modern Warfare Game.

Title: Armored Brigade. Developer: Juha Kellokoski. Version: 0.81.1 Birthdate: Unknown. Development Status: Late Beta Requirements: Windows Rating: 8/10. Site: http://www.armoredbrigade.com/ Description: Currently in beta stage and free. May be commercial in the future. Similar in style to Steel Panthers but real time....