Next Games’ The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land.

Title: The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land.

Developer: Next Games
Version: 1.6.4
Birthdate: Unknown
Development Status: Full Release.
Requirements: iOS or Android.
Rating: 10/10.
Description: A turn-based strategy and tactical game simulating the world of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Made up of episodes, each episode has a story and contains several different locations at which one must fight.

[We have some helpful tips regarding this game, see the end of this post.]


  • Single Player.
  • Build one’s camp – council building, hospital, training grounds, workshop (weapons), radio tent, supplies storage, tents, and farm plots.
  • Upgrade survivors (fighters) as well as weapons and other equipment.
  • Guilds available.
  • Regularly offers special scenarios.
  • Recruit new survivors.


This is a screen capture of the tactical fighting, it is similar to X-Com.
This is a screen capture of the tactical fighting, it is similar to X-Com.
Campaign Map
This is the campaign map.
This is the camp you can build up to provide better training, weapons, etc.

Episodes (Campaigns)

  • Road to Terminus
  • Military Rations
  • Prison Voices
  • Shadow of Eden
  • American Pastoral
  • Lakeside
  • Proving Grounds
  • Rendezvous with Eden
  • The Pursuit
  • Escape Distractions
  • The Descent
  • Black Forest
  • The Factory

Helpful Tips

  • Once you start this game, you can’t restart. Unlike most games, this one it pays to do some reading up front.
  • At first, it will feel like you have too many sheriff’s stars (for training and equipment) and too many farm supplies (for building the camp), but this feeling will quickly go away. Don’t waste your resources on unneeded upgrades to equipment/training or building.
  • You can replay each campaign multiple times, but it gets harder each time.
  • Be careful about playing deadly missions with your best characters, if they die, they are really dead.
  • Using firing weapons usually attracts more walkers, but there are some scenarios where more walkers won’t come (you can see at the bottom of the screen if more walkers are coming).
  • If you allow your survivor to fire their weapon passively (e.g. in reaction to a walker’s movement) it doesn’t attract more walkers.

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