SCWWII (2016 Edition) – 1939 Storm Over Europe with Strong Poland


This campaign is a variation on Bill Runacre and Hubert Cater’s 1939 Storm Over Europe Campaign in which Poland is better prepared for the German Blitzkrieg and is able to put up stiffer resistance to the invasion. How will this change the course of World War II? Can the Axis still win with this significant handicap?


You can download a zip file with the relevant campaign files here:

What Changed

From the stock campaign included with SC the following changes have been made:

Units Replaced With A Different Unit

Original Name Original Type Original Strength New Name New Type New Strength
Wielkopolska Cavalry 7 Polesie Infantry Corps 10
Wolynska Cavalry 8 1st Special Forces 10
Pomorska Cavalry 8 Warsaw Mechanized 10
Krakowska Cavalry 8 Lublin Army 10

New Units Added

Name Type Strength Location
Ridz-Smigly HQ 10 Torun

Unit Strengths Changed

Unit Name Original Strength New Strength
Pomorze 7 10
Poznan 8 10
Lodz 7 10
Krakow 7 10
10th 4 10
Karpaty 5 10
Prusy 7 10
Modlin 8 10
Wyskow 5 10
Narew 5 10
Pursuit Brigade 5 10
Bomber Brigade 5 10
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