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Matrix Games’ Steel Panthers World at War

Title: Steel Panthers World at War.

Developer: Matrix Games, SSI
Individual Contributors:  Gary Grigsby, Keith Brors, David Heath, Michael Wood, Nick Papp, Wild Bill Wilder, Scott Grasse, Mike Amos, Jim Faletti, Tom Proudfoot.
Version: 8.4
Birthdate: Unknown
Development Status: Full Release
Requirements: Windows
Rating: 9/10
Description: An update to the classic Steel Panthers game from SSI. Turn-based, tactical wargame simulating World War II.


  • Single and multiplayer (up to 4).
  • Simulates combat from 1930 to 1949.
  • 340+ scenarios.
  • 25 campaigns.
  • Battle Generator.
  • Scenario Editor.
  • Historical Encyclopedia.
  • Includes tools for customizing/editing the game including:
    • OOB Editor
    • MapThing
    • SHP Editor
    • World at War Game Editor
    • World at War Map Editor
  • Documentation is fairly extensive:
    • Main User Manual: 239 pages
    • OOB Changes: 32 pages
    • RockinHarry’s New Shapes: 31 pages
    • Sound Effects Map: 6 pages
    • Tables of Organization of World War II: 101 pages
    • Special Scenario Designer Units in Norway OOB 86: 13 pages


Steel Panthers World at War Screenshot


  • There are 344 scenarios included with the game, a sampling of a few titles are listed below:
  • Chateau de Quesnoy (Author: Paul Saunders) – June 6, 1940 – Along the Somme in France the Germans experience unexpected and sustained resistance from the 4th North African Division.
  • The Vanishing Division (Author: John Redleg Rank) – November 23-24, 1942 – Play as Soviet troops attacking General Seydlitz-Kurbach’s German 94th Division (part of the 6th Army) at Stalingrad.
  • Across the Wire (Author: Wild Bill Wilder, Jim ‘Figmo’ Faletti) – June 16, 1940 – An encounter between British and Italian troops in Libya.
  • The Beginning of the End (Author: Davor Popovic) – June 7, 1942 – Soviet positions around Sevastopol begin to collapse as the Germans advance.


  • World War II
  • Preparing the Way
  • Heroes of the Motherland
  • From Utah to the Rhine
  • A Long, Long Road to Victory
  • Watchword Freedom
  • Tulagi – The First Offensive
  • Guadalcanal 1942
  • Normandy Gold
  • Stalingrad Campaign
  • The Victors: USA vs USSR
  • Rommel to the Rescue (Easy/Hard)
  • Raiders of the Sahara
    • Author: Kevin (FlashfyreSP) McFerren
    • Simulates the British Rat Patrol units in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco in World War II.
  • Balkan Crisis
    • Author: Kurt Beaumont-Jones
    • Simulates operations of the 7th SS Gebirgs Division ‘Prinz Eugen’ in 1945 against Yugaslavian revolutionaries.
  • The Hated Hurtgen – WBW
  • Operation Weserubung
  • The Chosin Few
  • Italians at War
  • Flesh and Steel
  • Yangtze River Patrol
  • Dien Bien Phu
  • Legione di Valorosi

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