The Call of Combat

Title: The Call of Combat Developer: Kava Game Studio: Erik Vader, Florian Kading, Antione Meurillion Version: 0.633 Birthdate: 2013 Development Status: Full Release. Requirements: Windows. Rating:  Site: http://kavagamestudio.com/ Description: Call of Combat is a real-time, multi-player strategy game set during WW2. Players command a squad of four soldiers and can compete on a 1 vs 1 or large scale intense battles. …

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FreeCiv – A turn-based, open source Civilization clone.

Title: FreeCiv. Developer: Various. Version: 2.4.4 Birthdate: 1995. Development Status: Full Release. Requirements: Windows, Mac, or Linux. Rating: 10/10. Site: http://www.freeciv.org/ Description: A clone of Civilization. Features: Multiple Player. Artificial Intelligence. Single Player. Screenshot:

Tristan Pannerec’s Field of Strategy (Strategic and Tactical Turn-Based Wargame)

Title: Field of Strategy. Developer: Tristan Pannerec. Version: Birthdate: 2003. Last Updated: 2016. Development Status: Full Release. Requirements: Windows. Rating: 9/10. Site: http://tpgames.free.fr/FoS/ Description: A flexible engine which offers the ability to simulate both strategic and tactical scenarios/campaigns throughout history. Includes scenarios/campaign covering Ancients, 18th century, Napoleonic, World War I, World War II, and Modern. Features: …

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