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Tristan Pannerec’s Field of Strategy (Strategic and Tactical Turn-Based Wargame)

Title: Field of Strategy. Developer: Tristan Pannerec. Version: Birthdate: 2003. Last Updated: 2016. Development Status: Full Release. Requirements: Windows. Rating: 9/10. Site: Description: A flexible engine which offers the ability to simulate both strategic and tactical scenarios/campaigns throughout history. Includes scenarios/campaign covering Ancients, 18th century, Napoleonic, World War I, World War II, and Modern. Features: …

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Fantasy Battlefields (Strategic and Tactical Wargame).

Title: Fantasy Battlefields. Developer: Farfpeuf. Version: 0.8.7 Birthdate: Unknown Development Status: Late Beta. Requirements: Windows, Java. Rating: 10/10. Site: Description: Fantasy Battlefields is a strategic and tactical level wargame that allows you to play individual battles or campaigns. You conquer towns and when you encounter an enemy force you move to a tactical screen where you …

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W.R. Hutsell’s EGA Civil War Battleset (turn-based, tactical wargame)

Title: EGA Civil War Battleset. Developer: W.R. Hutsell. Version: 2.58 Birthdate: Unknown Development Status: Full Release. Requirements: DOS Rating: 10/10. Site: Description: A one or two player tactical wargame simulating the American Civil War. Includes a variety of historical battle scenarios as well as a campaign mode. Features: Turn-Based. Multiple Player. Artificial Intelligence. Play-By-Email. Scenario Editor. Campaign.

Conquer Club (turn-based Risk-style strategy game)

Title: Conquer Club. Developer: Salamander Software. Version: Unknown Birthdate: Unknown Development Status: Full Release. Requirements: Web. Rating: 10/10. Site: Description: Similar in gameplay to Risk, this is an online, multiplayer site aimed at casual gamers who enjoy board game style warfare. It has a variety of maps to play including Scotland, France, Classic (World), American Civil War, Africa, Caribbean Islands, Texas, …

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Crimson Fields Open Source War Strategy Game.

Title: Crimson Fields. Developer: Open Source.Version: 0.5.3Birthdate: 2000(?)Development Status: Late Beta, Abandoned.Requirements: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.Rating: 7/10.Site: A hex-based sci-fi wargame. Includes a number of individual scenarios as well as two campaigns. Also includes some utilities for adding your own levels to the game. Features: Turn-Based. Single Player. Multiple Player. Play-By-EMail (PBEM). Screenshot: