Screenshot of scenario from Desert War game

Brian Kelly’s Desert War 1940-43 Turn-Based Tactical Wargame

Title: Desert War 1940-43.

Developer: Brian Kelly, John Duquette.
Version: 1.5.1
Birthdate: 2011
Development Status: Late Beta
 Java 6 or 7
Rating: 10/10
Description: Operational level, wargame recreating tank battles fought between Axies and Allies in North Africa between 1940 and 1943.
Other Notes: The developers are continuously working on this game and you can follow the latest developments as well as contribute to the discussion over at the Wargamer.


  • 6 Scenarios: Beda Fomm (1941), Battle Axe (1941, Historical), 2nd Battle for Bardia (1942), Alam Halfa (1942), Sidi Bou Zid (1943), El Alamein.
  • Simultaneous Movement / Battles (WEGO as opposed to IGOUGO).
  • Supply Levels
  • Full Fog of War
  • Variable Zones of Control (ZOC)
  • 12 Types of Ground Units: Armour, Infantry, Recce, Motorized, Artillery, Anti-Tank, Heavy Anti-Tank, Combat Engineers, Anti-Aircraft, HQs.
  • 2 Types of Air Units: Recon, Ground Support
  • 5 Types of Air Missions: Recon, Ground Attack, Ground Support, Interdiction, Counter-Air
  • AI for El Alamein scenario
  • PBEM / Hotseat
  • Scenario Editor


Screenshot of scenario from Desert War game

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